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Interlude Changelogs

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  • Kevlar Vest was giving 6% P.Def fixed to 8%.
  • Warrior Belt was giving 12% p.Atk instead of 11% fixed.
  • Arcane Belt was giving 5% m.Def instead of 10% fixed.


  • Boosted Warlord's HP 4%.
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Huge nerf wave (5/27/2016):

  • Pride Gear (Decreased all bonus stats)
  • Eternium Gear (They don't have extra stats any more, only boosted Pride stats)
  • Belts (Nerfed on stats)
  • DECREASED enchant BONUS penalties.
  • DECREASED pAtk/mAtk BOOST on all Tiers
  • Magic Barrier NERF 38% -> 30%
  • Death Whisper NERF 35% -> 25%
  • POF removed Critical Rate bonus, COV / POW Critical Rate bonus nerfed
  • Iron Fist REMOVED CC
  • Skill Critical Damage (NERF) changed from x2.5 to x0.44
  • Sonic Rage & Raging Force NERF on damage
  • DEX now affects PHYSICAL CDR
  • Changed Evasion - Accuracy formula BETA STATE (could be messed up)
  • NERFED ALL Accuracy / Evasion / Speed BONUSES from Accessories / Tattoos / Weapons / Armors

Aden Instance (RAID HUNT, 5/27/2016)

  • 2 - 9 Party Members
  • 500+ PvPs, 90+ Level
  • 1 Week Cooldown
  • 20+ RAIDS available
  • RAIDS have chance to respawn wth 45% - 90% of their MAX HP (That is if you're lucky enough)

Rune Instance (RYKROS MINING, 5/28/2016)

  • Hardcore
  • 5 Party Members
  • 300+ PvPs, 90+ Level
  • 3,5 Days Cooldown
  • Rare Epic / Legacy Drops
  • Rykros Fragment

Hunters Village (5/28/2016)

  • Unique ONLY zone
  • Daily PvP Token (Gets deleted every day, you have to spend it fast)
  • BIG rate to enchant your Unique items
  • Upgrade Unique Dread / Tit to Legacy (Vesper)
  • Exclusive happy hour event (UNIQUE ONLY)


  • Aden Main / Starter / Trade town
  • Event Engine updates
  • Cubic update

Rookie Tier (Weapons)

  • Based on the Epic tier (Pride)
  • 100% Pride stats but decreased pAtk/mAtk
  • Free newbie item
  • Tier: Between Unique and Epic



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