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  1. I can't find STR Pet buff in my skills section..
  2. So you removed it?
  3. @Leo Why spectral master miss the str skill for the pet? i will get it on higher level or you deleted it?
  4. Crystal at the start of the beta..now i see that you changed them so its ok!
  5. http://imgur.com/layvoLy http://imgur.com/S2HMxuY Blade dancers have too many skills for boost i think. they have rage/thrill fight/duelist spirit. My point here is you can see the images. I use the same buffs same items just different weapons. See the damage and do your calculations.. cause on higher gear it will be kinda OP
  6. And one more... make the default enchant of weapons +7 for every weapon. because it's boring to enchant it over and over again and if they broke to go +7 and not +0!!! That's my requests if you want you follow them. I am a lazy player cause i get too old for this shit!
  7. Ty for the info! Fix the two inventory windows! And fix the ports of gk.... i press to port to aden and i went to goddard... i port to go to cemetary and i went to cave of trials! LeL Make all chats available in beta cause of some players want to report in game bugs and they can't. put a limit 3 minutes per comment if you want ot avoid spam.
  8. i saw a guy taking me pk 5 feet from sentry and sentry let him live. maybe because of the geo data? cause the sentry was at the centter of cot on something rocky.
  9. I think they don't work. re-check them.
  10. Sympol maker has auto dyes on it... but there is dyes in luxury merchant that is for +1 -1 If you buy those dyes you can't add them cause of the already ones in symbol maker.