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  1. I will check it soon, your ingame name is..?
  2. Dual box heal doesn't heal now
  3. Since we have Raid Bosses in farm zones: Players training raid bosses in farm areas will be punished with hardware detection to their main accounts!
  4. Flame won't be tolarated in any chat, if you have a problem come to discord and report it to me or Blizzard, this will make the server's environment better. You will have a great server to play and we will do our work properly! This will be the penalty. -Friendly Leo
  5. Zone Mini-Bosses: Bluebacked Croc - Spawned Cave of Trials Blackcoiled Magma - Spawned Cave of Trials Crocus - Spawned Cave of Trials Level: 70-79 Shilen's Messenger Cabrio - Spawned Korim - Spawned Fafurion's Herald Lokness - Spawned Meanas Anor - Spawned Eilhalder von Hellmann - Spawned Immortal Savior Mardil - Spawned Water Dragon Seer Sheshark - Spawned Vanor Chief Kandra - Spawned Doom Blade Tanatos - Spawned Death Lord Hallate - Spawned Plague Golem - Spawned Kernon - Spawned Bloody Empress Decarbia - Spawned Death Lord Ipos - Spawned Last Lesser Giant Glaki - Spawned Palatanos of Horrific Power - Spawned Flamestone Golem - Spawned Hestia Guardian Deity of the Hot Springs - Spawned Level: 90 Flame of Splendor Barakiel - Spawned Flamestone Giant - Spawned Deadwood - Spawned > Forbidden Gateway Unspeakable Horror - Spawned > Ruins of Despair Cruel Rider - Spawned > Forbidden Gateway Level: 92 Ketra's Hero Hekaton - Spawned Varka's Commander Mos - Spawned Fallen Angel Tanakia - Spawned Death Lord Shax - Spawned > Blazing Swamp Anais - Spawned Level: 94 Alfred von Hellmann - Spawned > Elven Fortress Palibati Queen Themis - Spawned Roaring Skylancer - Spawned Shadow of Halisha - Spawned Soul of Fire Nastron - Spawned Level: 96 Queen Shyeed - To be Spawned a while after server's launch Ember - To be Spawned a while after server's launch Ketra's Chief Brakki - To be Spawned a while after server's launch Varka's Chief Horus - To be Spawned a while after server's launch Sailren - To be Spawned a while after server's launch Anakim's Nemesis Zakaron - To be Spawned a while after server's launch Behemoth Dragon - To be Spawned a while after server's launch Cherub Galaxia - To be Spawned a while after server's launch Level: 98-99 Anakim - To be Spawned a while after server's launch Lilith - To be Spawned a while after server's launch Scarlet van Halisha - To be Spawned a while after server's launch Lidia von Hellmann - To be Spawned a while after server's launch Verfa - To be Spawned a while after server's launch *Spawned on retail location, can be found from the map's informations. *Spawned on a custom location. *To be Spawned a while after server's launch.
  6. L2AEPVP Ready2play Client: Download L2AEPVP Launcher: Download
  7. Pets are already buffed on base stats
  8. What scroll you used to enchant it went back to +0?
  9. These effects are depended on your weapons enchant/tier!
  10. You can simply add/remove a buff without damaging your scheme! Easy to create schemes of your current buffs:
  11. By pressing shift+click on any monster you can see it's stats/drops
  12. Using our own interface for a more comfortable gameplay Extended:
  13. AEPvP Engine features: Can run multiple events simutaniously Highly optimised and efficient code to handle thousands of players on the events even if more than one events are currently running Leave - Reconnect System N amount of teams even on complex cases like CTF AEPvP Supported Events: Ruins of Agony (TeamVsTeam). Ruins of Despair - Triple TvT Event(TeamVsTeamVsTeam). Cruma Tower - Capture the Flag (CTF). Mirror DeathMatch (MirrorDM) * 2 different rooms everytime you die you change room fighting different people. Super Powers DeathMatch (SP-DM) *4 arenas in each arena there are areas that give you an exclusive boost buff when you're in it.
  14. Starting Level: 85 Max Level: 95 Safe Enchant: +7 Max Enchant on A: +35 Max Enchant on S: +30 Max Enchant on Unique/Epic/Relic: +25 Enchant Rates: Rates displayed on scrolls descriptions. Custom Weapons / Armors. Customized Accessories with stats. Custom Farm Zones (Cave of Trials - Primeval Isle - Forbidden Gateway). PvP Zones (Hunters Village - Gludin Village). Over 50 Raids with custom drops. Wondrous Cubic to fast access some services. Mp and Hp consumption over time from buffs/toggles have been removed.