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  1. You have been redirected to this page because you attempted to use a 3rd party software on the L2AEPvP Client. To avoid banning people from the game the L2AEPvPLauncher has blocked your connection to the server.
  2. theres no reason to remove them, they are there just for the looks
  3. If you have been redirected here after trying to login on the server, it is very likely that you are using outdated network drivers. To be able to login you will have to update your network drivers to a newer version. The process of updating the network drivers is relatively easy. In most cases you will be just running the installer provided from your network card's vendor that you can download from their website. The most common network card vendors are: Intel Realtek Broadcom Qualcom To determinate your network card, go to Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Network Adapters Google the name of your network card vendor and search for drivers, the rest of the process will be easy.
  4. I haven't tried but as the coder I believe it's very hard to emulate the AEPvPLauncher to launch from a non Windows client. We don't offer direct l2.exe support because the AEPvPLauncher adds some protection to our client. If you find a solution please send me a message, you can always join our Discord channel so we can have a direct chat! Kind regards.
  5. No, there isn't another way... What OS are you using? And what are your computer specs?
  6. these skills will be removed
  7. Interlude

    indeed, free antiviruses won't do anything than slow down your computer. The L2AEPvPLauncher checks your whole client in just 1 second, its like doing (Full Check) everytime you launch L2, the old one needed about 5-10 minutes... On top of that, L2AEPvP launcher injects some custom code into your l2.exe so we can do more things on L2, like bot checking, hardware IDs etc.
  8. this is a good suggestion since the raid jewels have overpowered resistances
  9. 40% is the minimum success rate for a spell, adding ressistances on top of it won't help
  10. Interlude

    @testy Its a very strong and extremely fast updater! Some cheap / free antivirus see it like a thread because it hacks and injects onto l2.exe but its very safe!
  11. reinstall network drivers
  12. The Sentry doesn't respond immediately, I will check it
  13. They do, can you confirm this?
  14. g

    did you try to run as administrator ?
  15. can you give a screenshot ?