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  3. rly? Is that a tip?
  4. make some more +
  5. Is that normal unique blunt gives lower patk lower hp than s-grade WTFhttps://pasteboard.co/3NTNT4kE.png
  6. for bear totem forgot to say it also make -atk speed same for ogre
  7. 1.)the skill "Focused Force"(charge skill) consume 60 hp ! duelist same kind of skill only 25 like in skill description. wtf why? the ranged force skills take 120 hp but from both duelist and gk whats, still much not !?!? 2.) totems: bear totem, on use it boost hp for a % i guess but also make -460 hp... hawk totem, cuts down some hp maybe also a % dont know >.<
  8. You have been redirected to this page because you attempted to use a 3rd party software on the L2AEPvP Client. To avoid banning people from the game the L2AEPvPLauncher has blocked your connection to the server.
  9. Hey , I tried to install the Server client but i cant , it stuck on the last second and does not download it , i tried it 2 times but still the same .. Can you help me ?! ....
  10. Sry for spam but: Check here pride style servers that i used this name L2Crazy [2012] L2 Hyperion [2012] L2 Aerogaming (I think it's the first attempt of AE project, i dont remember) [2013] and more. I have many more shots but i dont want to spam here I use this name since 2006, 2 years after Cradle released their track "Nymphetamine" So please.. make me a favor and stop calling me scammer cause a friend of yours used this nick on the previous server... It's a nickname which anyone can use it since, it's a damn track.
  11. Stolen name
  12. Oh alright, thank you... My IGN is Nym
  13. I will check it soon, your ingame name is..?
  14. Hello i was farming tg's, bought my caradine letter and then went to her clicked her on "Prossesor of a Precioul Soul -4" and got critical error... After that i relogged in, caradine's letter was dissapeared, quest wasn't accepted and i didnt become noblesse.
  15. Earlier
  16. There wont be any exchange for pure to medals in currency?
  17. Dual box heal doesn't heal now
  18. lots of dual boxes in cem and is the 1rst day...
  19. .............................
  20. I join before 5 min normally and then srv closed from ddos maybe, I try to join and error g17 I run it as administrator and I am in
  21. Any help?
  22. i try to login but when i put my password nothing happened like the server its closed
  23. Astrah have = problem from l2 exe, pliz help me
  24. Since we have Raid Bosses in farm zones: Players training raid bosses in farm areas will be punished with hardware detection to their main accounts!
  25. Flame won't be tolarated in any chat, if you have a problem come to discord and report it to me or Blizzard, this will make the server's environment better. You will have a great server to play and we will do our work properly! This will be the penalty. -Friendly Leo
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